Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Quality services in springtime

During one service management class we discussed Tropicana Premium Orange Juice. Best quality, real flavour, no added sugar. 2,58 Eur per liter at Stockmann department store. Must have for many despite the high price. Tropicana has become one of the most popular orange juices in Finland. How? We agreed that despite the high price, the flavour is so much better that people are willing to pay more. They even drink less.
I started thinking of my own consumer behaviour. When going to a cafĂ©, I prefer a cozy place with a good location and good coffee. When going dancing, I pick a place that features the best band in the country. When once a year going for a lovely massage, I stay away from the sports masseurs and pick an exotic spa with scents and music. I like doing grocery shopping at Stockmann´s.
What my choices have in common is that for me they are scarce but I prefer them because I feel they have top quality. I´m not an optimal consumer - I don´t buy services too often. But I may be a potential consumer if companies have me buy more of these services. I already like what they offer. If only I had more money or more time.
I came up with one solution. My friend told me how she dislikes wearing 60 den pantyhose still in March due to cold weather. Solution therefore is: spring. Focus shifts from cold weather, shovelling the snow and pantyhoses to going out and enjoying everything around you. More cafes, more dancing, more things outside. One month to go for a summer opening. Hopefully service providers do much better soon!