Saturday, July 9, 2011

Projectizing service quality

"There are no support functions longer."
In a service company - everything is important. I listened to Jesus Belle, our Professor for Service quality management in Haaga-Helia and thought this is bold - and I comply. According to Belle, there are no longer "sales or marketing kingdoms" with everything else as "support functions". In a service organization, everybody and every organization needs to contribute to final customer experience.

Responsibilities must be clear to convert company knowledge into a seamless service experience. Modern budgetting should no longer allocate budgets to functions but rather projects with development objectives across functions. Mr Belle emphasized projectization within any (service) organization. Budgets should be allocated to projects which enforce collaboration internally and strive at (good) customer service.

Such a set-up requires a different service process also internally. Service units require request to deliver.

How is this done in practice? Coverting a support unit to an internal service unit requires converting objectives to projects. For example:
* list your services
* plan them as projects
* evaluate the cost and efficiency
* improve and provide service level
* stick to schedules and budgets allocated
* link budget to projects based on assessment of them.