Sunday, February 19, 2012

Mission accomplished

After two years, my studies on service excellence are completed. During the two years I spent numerous hours working on the modules, resulting in various reports, case studies, exams, and finally the final thesis. This blog has been one outcome of my studies and I wanted to elaborate on selected topics related to service business as part of my learning experience.

The objective of my studies was to learn and update my knowledge about the business environment, including strategy, management and leadership since my MSc studies about 20 years ago. I chose focusing on service organizations and service excellence since I consider it a clear direction for several industrial companies as well as the future of developing the experience economy. Combined with my marketing background, I`m happy of what I´ve learnt and what I´ve focused on. The key learnings for me have been the need on internal communications and involvement of the organization throughout service development and differentiation of services based on customers needs. These studies have helped me in my current job, working on a customer focused strategy for a service organization.

It´s strange not having a business book or articles to read or a case report to write during a weekend or during summer holiday but I´m finally looking forward to spending a "real" holiday since a long time, just enjoying the spare time and having a break.

This blog will officially end though I may occasionally be inspired to share some further experiences related to services. I can warmly recommend similar learning experience for anybody who might consider taking a new challenge.