Friday, April 16, 2010

It´s about perception

Our MBA class visited various sites downtown Helsinki on a Saturday to look into how brands are implementing their strategy. We visited Nokia flagship store with high expectations. And the experience was great: staff greeted us, was very helpful, spoke various languages. All products and applications were showcased, atmosphere was good. After the visit the group still felt that something was missing. “Where was the ultimate experience”? What caused most discussion was how the staff was dressed (in sweatshirts and sneakers). After all the discussion I felt that visit to Nokia store is not just about Nokia. A Nokia flagship store in Helsinki with its wooden design represents the whole Finnish technology knowhow and culture. It should be the ultimate experience that shows what our nation can do with the eyes of Nokia. I felt the sweatshirt discussion was just partly concretizing the customer experience for it could still be developed further. More than changing uniforms.

Another interesting notion was how Finland brand sounds. We discussed how in the morning train Finns prefer to sit in quiet and enjoy the peaceful moment they have before rushing off to work. The same sound experience – quietness – was experienced at Finnish design forum at Erottaja. No music in the background, great element for showcasing Finnish design, having its origins in our nature and culture, as plain as it is.

Hanna Viita