Monday, April 5, 2010

Marketing as a service

If there is any one dream a marketeer has, it is influencing customer behaviour by the activities a company offers. Marketing can offer activities as services and complement the actual product by making communications truly beneficial for the customer. The crucial thing is to base the service on company´s core values.

What customers wish for today is time, independence and convenience. An article by states many companies now are turning their marketing campaigns into broader services.

In article numerous examples of such services were iPod applications. Since mobile applications still reach a limited audience, my favourite case was one by Adidas with an actual physical service. What they created was a running store in Tokyo offering locker rooms and showers for customers who want to take a run. Anyone can use the store as their home base for an exercise. You also have equipment for rent. How often I´ve had time to spare downtown thinking where to go for an hours exercise that does not require a membership. Loved it.

What is crucial is to start from benefits the brand can offer. According to this could be related to information, saving costs, connectivity or simply getting healthier or happier. Plan what you can offer and select a channel where you best can support, help and guide your customer.

Hanna Viita