Saturday, June 26, 2010

Leader behaviour analysis

At an summerish eMBA class on organizational behaviour, we conducted an assignment covering 20 business situations. Each included a question on "how would you act" as a leader in a specific situation. The objective of the exercise was to see if you can match your leadership skills with the situation at hand.

The interesting part of the experiment was the scores with our foreign students. You cannot generalize too much, but it was obvious that specific cultures somewhat impact our behaviour, including our leadership qualities.

When planning and implementing change, it is an art thinking of and preparing for needed stages; exploring, informing, engaging, influencing, executing and refining. Analyzing the possible outcome but also the likely situation at hand of a person helps to utilize an optimal style throughout the process.

In order to build your own leadership skills, you first need to do some self-evaluation to understand your own behaviour and competencies. Knowing yourself helps analyze situations and behaviours of others.

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Hanna Viita