Friday, June 4, 2010

Marketeers renewal

Marketing today looks different from what it was early 1990´s. Planning direct marketing, print, tv, radio or outdoor has gotten way more complicated. Consumers lifestyles, values and behaviour plus media consumption have changed. Internet and globalization has changed our way of communicating, consuming and living. Values are now focused on life satisfaction, family, sustainability and self-actualization.

No wonder marketing as a function is changing drastically. Marketing has evolved from awareness building to understanding customer needs, finding opportunities, providing insights and linking customer needs to product portfolios, services, total offering and message. Marketing communications is the final link to optimize customer touchpoints and provide interaction.

Apart from understanding customers changing needs, marketeers follow up and even drive the changing roles of marketing, media and consulting agencies. Marketing has become a center for customer dialogue (Strategy & Business issue 54, 2009) - running activities to connect with customers on a daily or even nightly basis. New marketing positions now include "community manager", "customer dialogue specialist" and "marketing analyst".

What more, now that companies talk of social media, marketing has a golden opportunity to build its own relevance, knowledge and role. The current understanding and experiences can be extended to customer care, product development, logistics and sales. Anything to serve customers better.

Hanna Viita