Sunday, September 5, 2010

Service business opportunities by integrating megatrends and customer needs

Tekes, the Finnish funding agency for technology and innovation has published a report on the future of services business innovations. Tekes report is created for any organization who wants to challenge and renew their current thinking on services business. Tekes report wants to take a challenging and questioning role in businesses looking into their current assumptions.
The report itself is entertaining and provides a business minded and practical approach rather than a scientific one. For Finnish companies this opens good perspectives since Tekes takes a global view.
The key perspective from the service business innovation is to find opportunities in the crossroads of service innovation megatrends and the perceived customer needs. Through the opportunities identified, organizations come up with innovations that must be supported by high class organizational capabilities and implementation.
And what are the Tekes´s identified 10 megatrends?
* The cloud
* Web based delivery
* Mobile value delivery
* Everything as a service
* Experience design
* Sensing and monitoring
* Collaborative contributions
* Social networking and communication
* Climate change and sustainability
* Globalization with local reference.