Friday, September 24, 2010

Transformation of inter-city transport in China

High speed trains - faster than 350 km/hour - have a future in China. From Hong Kong to Shanghai predicted future trip would be only six hours. Equally - if not more relevant will be the lines between coastal cities adn mainland China. A wide coverage of high speed train network is planned for all of China by 2015, approved early this year in congress.

The high speed train will transform business in China. Cities will be accessible easier and faster. Impact for trade is huge. Chinese will be more exposed to consumption and service economy. Expectations for local retail will increase. Marketing and sales will have an impact.
WalMart has already opened business in China through a joint venture. Opportunities for retail business will increase through the transformation of transport and the expected increased purchasing power of the Chinese.

And yes, I had a chance to take a train with 430 km/hour. Smooth ride!

Report from eMBA study trip in Hong Kong - Shanghai.