Sunday, October 31, 2010

Organizational leadership vs dynamics

DeWit and Meyer (2004) describe two dimensions of organizational perspectives: leadership supporting a controlled system creating strategy and implementing it top-down, and dynamics, creating disorganization to achieve strategic renewal. Both dimensions have their value and an organization should consider which perspectives it utilizes in its strategy and operations, or if it can benefit from both - experimenting from new or different ways of working and innovating.

International corporations have grown so big that it is purely impossible to lead purely based on authority and control. Companies are affected by new working methods, new media and generations, who require and impose a less authoritarian way of working. There are demands for new communications tools, virtual collaboration and self management. Time differences and cultures bring new elemnets to having new perspectives.

Sustainability is affecting people´s behaviour and social expectations in respect to travel, production methods and collaboration. New working methods bring cost savings, employee satisfaction and efficiency. It also creates frustration since letting go of the old and learning new is always difficult.

Elements of organizational leadership bring some assets to having a clear direction. It is important however that in a top-down organization strategy is implemented by involving teams in the creation process and encouraging initiative.