Saturday, November 13, 2010

Evaluating change process

70% of organizational changes fail. Typically, in change management there is lack of systematic or even basic follow-up.
Naturally prior to change you need to understand what is the need to change. If it´s not broken, don´t fix it. If you change, you need to address the need for change. Misunderstandings come from a thought that change is something negative. To change, you need to evaluate the change, define objectives and approach, then evaluate again.
Typical problems in change are eg resources, motivation, communications, change management and training. Set objectives at beginning of change to follow-up results.
And what are the success factors of change programs? According to PwC´s global research key success factors for transformation programs are:
* outcome-driven process change
* benefits case and transformation strategy
* change management
* organizational alignment
* governance.